All kiteboarding lessons include equipment.

Land Lesson

1.5 hours $135   (add a friend for $99 more)   

Learn about Wind Theory, Safety, and Basic kite piloting skills. Fly a kite in harness. These lessons can be taught at Deer Creek or in Park City.

Water Lesson

2.5 hours $262   (add a friend for $199 more)

4 line kite rigging, safety systems, and piloting, Practice 1 handed piloting, upwind body surfing, board recovery, kite re-launch and self rescue.  

Riding Lesson

2 hour min.  $105/hr  

You have mastered all the kite skills now you ready for your first rides.  Practice water starts, and riding the board.  Progress to; staying up wind, transitions and your first jumps.  You’re a Kiteboarder!

Snow Kite Lessons

2 hr minimum $89/hour

Boat Assisted Downwinder

2 hr min.  $125/hr

Once you can get up on the board, the downwinder option lets you maximize your riding time. We use radio helmets so you instructor is always in your ear while you work on staying upwind, transitions and other riding skills.

Book 2 or more private lessons at one time (i.e. land/water or water/ride) and save $10%. We sell kites, boards, harnesses, and wet suits. Uinta Kiting students get $100 off the price of a new kite.  

Kite Boarding Instruction Deer Creek Reservoir Utah

Kiteboarding Instructor Deer Creek Reservoir Utah

Kite Boarding Deer Creek Reservoir Utah